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On November 3rd, 2020, we the people of the United States of America, will once again declare our independence. In contrast with the declaration of 1776, it will not be from a tyranny across the sea, but from a tyranny within our own People’s House.

We once again hold these truths to be self-evident that all humans are truly created equal, regardless of race, gender, creed, religion or sexual orientation. We refuse to live in fear of Black and Brown families seeking refuge in our nation, whose only crime is having been born in countries far less safe and prosperous than our own. We welcome those coming in peace who hold a desire and drive to earn their own American Dream for themselves and for their families. This is because we acknowledge that immigration is America’s blood, and diversity, her spirit.

We acknowledge that the aforementioned American Dream exists and remains possible owing to the sacrifice of so many of our brothers and sisters who have fought and often died for that dream’s continued existence. We understand that no American, no true patriot would ever need to question what was in it for them, while standing over the graves of our fallen heroes. This is because it is inherently known by all Americans that while there are many versions of the America Dream, the highest and most ideal is the dream of preserving freedom for all Americans, thereby allowing them to live out their own dreams. And because of this, we can state with absolute certainty that no American Dream has ever died on the field of battle.

We unequivocally reject the notion that the lives of our fellow Americans are a worthy sacrifice upon the altar of our most minor conveniences. We reaffirm that science and knowledge are far more worthy pursuits than blissful ignorance and wishful thinking. Dignity, compassion, bravery, and honesty are qualities that we admire and aspire to demonstrate, while pettiness, hate, cowardice, and dishonesty are qualities we condemn and seek to separate from our personal and national fabric.

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We declare to all the world that America is not meant to have a king, ordained to reign over us and above the reach of our laws, but a president chosen by us to serve our country and its people as our representative. We demand that there is one justice system for all Americans, not one for the president’s friends against one for his “enemies”, not one for whites against one for minorities, and not one for the rich against one for the poor. Our department of justice does not exist to prosecute this would-be king’s political opponents, but to enforce our laws fairly, uniformly, and without bias.

This king has failed to protect his country, his castle, and even himself from a pandemic, and has no plan to suddenly succeed. During this pandemic, he has continued his fight to strip healthcare away from his people. He has failed to protect our sacred elections from foreign interference, as he believes interference would be to his benefit. He has failed to defend our troops when bounties were placed on their lives by our adversaries. When asked, he cannot give coherent reasoning as to why he should be allowed to remain our leader. He would rather focus his efforts on undermining our democracy than on working for the American people and fairly earning our support. He shows no ability or inclination towards growth as he blames his predecessor for the problems of the past, and his current rival for the problems of both the present and the future. He has refused his duty to even attempt to unite us as a nation and a people. This is by no means a comprehensive list of his endless failings and towering incompetence.

We do not need our president to be a choir boy, but we should expect that he or she is capable of showing a basic level of human decency and regret when, after ripping thousands of children from their parents’ arms, his administration cannot find a way to reunite hundreds of these families.

We understand there are times when a president cannot share the complete truth of a situation with us, but we should not and do not accept being lied to over 20,000 times in four years.

We know that this pandemic would have challenged the best of leaders, but there is a middle ground between complete success and this president’s abject failure. Starting with the most simple of things such as admitting that the threat is real and listening to the people who best know how to combat it.

If, after Pearl Harbor or September 11th, a President Roosevelt or Bush had responded with the indifference of “it is what it is” we would never have accepted it. As such we do not accept this president speaking that way about hundreds of thousands of American dead.

If President Roosevelt had stated, “I have asked the congress to declare a state of war. Governors, good luck; the federal government is behind you,” we would have condemned him as impotent and noted his position as pointless. Yet this is how this president responded to the worst pandemic in 100 years.

This president may have announced his unconditional surrender to the coronavirus, but the people he has failed to lead are Americans, and true Americans never surrender.

As such, we will defeat him and his enablers and begin to wash out the stain that has been placed on our country’s moral fabric. While this president has done his best to stoke violence with his refusals to guarantee a peaceful transition of power, we will ensure a peaceful transition by using our most important right, our right to vote and to overwhelmingly tell this man that he has been found wanting. Our vote to end the constant chaos and embarrassment of the last 4 years. Our vote to reaffirm the independence of the American people.

The American people are ready to awaken from this national nightmare, and we will send that indisputable message on November 3rd, 2020.

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